Practice creates confidence.

Once you have made those ten minutes find a safe place. 

This can be anywhere you want it to be, such as a 

bedroom, a car, by the water, bathroom, 

even outside. Anywhere that you won’t 

be bothered. The spot should be 

somewhere that makes you 

comfortable and relaxed.

The next thing you should consider is

grabbing paper and pen. Many historical

people received the best advice during this

time, and many times these thoughts can

disappear just as quickly as they come. 

Lastly, try considering music, even chanting during meditation. This doesn’t have to be native, it can just be a song you resonate with. Just be cautious of the frequency and tones you listen to. 432HZ is always a safe way to raise your vibration, but many positive songs have lyrics that may help release certain emotions.

When you get comfortable the position and temperature of the room are completely up to you, whatever makes you comfortable. This is the fun part. This is your time to connect with your soul.


If you feel like humming with the music for the full 10 minutes that’s ok. There shouldn’t be pressure about how you spend your own meditation time. If you can’t keep your mind quiet that is ok.

You want to close your eyes and focus your energy on the center of your forehead (on your third eye,) and as thoughts come into your head don’t push them away. 


Take the moment to listen to each thought. “I have to pay for this bill.” You want to accept this thought and acknowledge this will happen. After the thought, you want to breathe deeply. Go back to the focus on your forehead and relax. If you find the thought won’t go away, write it down. This gives you the freedom to forget and remember later.


Meditation isn’t about getting rid of these thoughts, and if you find a more serious topic comes up “Is this relationship fair?” or “is this what I want?” Sit and take a moment to answer this question. Ask yourself why this doesn’t feel fair or why this is happening. You may find you get an answer. Then always let the thought go or write it down, close your eyes, and focus on your third eye.

The pressure of meditation is unbelievable. How are you supposed to sit there and keep your mind clear for ten minutes knowing the list of other things you have that seem much more important? This is something everyone goes through. It’s a complete misconception.


Meditation might be less stressful than you think.


Meditation wasn’t placed here to keep you quiet or fill your mind with a busy non-stop list of things you have to accomplish in your day to day or the most common, trying to stay awake. Meditation should be seen as a ten minute "you" time.


This is ten minutes where you start by isolating yourself from everyone and everything, including silencing your phone.


your Mind

for Meditation.

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