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It can be complicated to understand ourselves daily, but how do you begin to understand your higher self?


They say the world works in mysterious ways, but so does our bodies, and your higher self is the best at making sure you succeed.  If you think about a plan with 10 steps, your higher self would be the part of you that is three steps ahead of you in the plan, 


Your higher self is on plan part six, while you are still working through step three. A nine to five work schedule doesn’t always exist in every situation and understanding your higher self falls under one of those times. The goal is to spend enough time learning about yourself that eventually merge with your higher self, so one day you will be on plan part six while working through part three. 


There isn’t one set way to get there. The most natural way to get there is by following your life purpose, and clearing negative karma, but as far as daily practices, and connecting go, you can always try simple things such as meditation, getting creative, or simply spending time getting to know yourself. 


This sounds simple but scientists and psychologists have determined that your likes, hobbies, enjoyments, and personality come from the top five people you surround yourself with the most, and all too often we forget to count ourselves in those five people. When you get to know someone and associate them as the five people, you truly have to spend time and get to know them and throughout the day we neglect to do that to ourselves. 


To connect with your higher self, begin to do things that make you happy and get to know what you like when others are not influencing you. The more time you spend with yourself, in general, the easier it becomes to understand, listen, and connect to your higher self.

The Higher Self
The Higher Self

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