Are these sessions in person?

No. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all current sessions will be over the phone.

 Returns and Refunds?

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 How does each session work?

Each session is one on one conversations designed to accomadate each persons needs by addressing their current issues in life and giving them the tools and confidence to personally confront mental road blocks. By creating a peaceful environment and building confidence this allows each client the chance to not only recieve hands on assistance, but allows the client establish a sense of self, and clarity in their desires. This step by step guided session is never the same as each individual has different challanges and struggles. This allows your ideas to be heard, validated and assisted in implementing it in your every day life without the need of a weekly therapist. 

There are no refunds. Due to emergencies and other unforseen circumstnces we can reschedule. My sessions are meant to teach and guide you. Giving you an oppourtunity to heal energy within yourself. I do not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. My sessions are simply meant to guide you on your path.

 How many sessions do you reccomend?

There is no set number. Some clients find exactly what they are looking for within one session and others enjoy a weekly check-in. It will be completely up to your schedule and your personal needs.

 What are the duration and prices of each session?

Each session runs from 30-60 minutes and are priced individually depending on which session you prefer. By clicking on the link             and it will redirect you to the shopping page, from there it will give you more details on the prices, available dates and detailed descriptions on the session that will benefit you the most.

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