Contracts are always complicated. We’re continually growing up with our elders, asking, “are you sure you checked the fine print?” because there is still one or two things you misunderstand, and later it comes back around, and you have to pay the price.


Signing a contract occurs on this earth, even before your birth. These contracts are with other people. Try to think of your body as a lease to an apartment, you’re allowed to decorate and run this apartment at free will, but there is no telling what neighbors you will get or the little guidelines you will be required to follow.


That can seem unfair if you get a handful of bad contracts of people around you, but why does it happen this way?


Because just as there is “love at first sight” and “deja vu” with someone, these people we show up in our lives when we need them most. They are contracted to help you grow. Keep in mind growing doesn’t have to be quiet, easy, and drama-free. The people you are pre-destined to meet are given the same control over their free will just like you.


These neighbors who live around the apartment have been signed in to the same time frame lease as you. That doesn’t mean the neighbors have to be the most helpful people, sometimes the world sends them so we can outgrow a small apartment and find a bigger house, but our soul contracts work the same way with our bodies and those who you are destined to meet.


Contracts, whether small or big, bind us to another for our best interest, although it’s hard to see whose going to better us during the moments of heartbreak or sadness, sometimes contracts are made to be outgrown. Sometimes, especially karmic agreements, which are only set in place to make you see your worth and find out you deserve better.


The best way to determine if you are in a contract with another soul is to ask yourself this; Upon meeting this person, was there an unexplainable spark or strange fate in seeing someone? Does anyone come to mind while you are reading this? But the most critical question you need to ask yourself is this contract for my highest good?


At the time a contract is written, it is always for your highest of good, but during this agreement, you may begin to outgrow this contract. The key component in determining if you still should continue a commitment is by establishing your own personal long term goals. Have they changed from the relationship you feel stuck in? Or are they not matching up to the other person’s intentions or goals?


At any time, if a contract with another soul contradicts your long term goals and your purpose. When someone’s life path cannot become balanced and fair with yours, that’s when you need to consider severing the contract and connection. The universe gave you free will to make that choice, so decide where your personal beliefs stand and allow others to determine if they believe in the same thing.


Just remember, if at any point you feel the need to end a contract, you have every right to do so by merely speaking the words and finding the right steps to take.


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