#1 Stay away from high frutose corn syrup.


This stuff is chemically altered sweetner. Fructose is not only made by scientist, but metabolized through the liver where as glucose can be processed through every cell in the body. This converts to fatty acids much faster. The problem with this is the long term diseases and fatigue.


#2 Watch your 'Total Carbohydrates' intake. 


Every label has a 'Total Carbohydrates' which breaks down into two categories 

'Total Sugar' and 'Total Fiber' 


The fiber is good for you, but the sugar is not. If you eat less sugar from total carbs, you will lose weight, have more natural energy and notice your overall health improvement.




Try To Notice How Your

Emotions And Foods Correlate

Here are my two biggest

              recommendations for 

                                   healthy eating!


"Those tips are too easy! Do you have another?"

Start by asking yourself the root of the emotion. Is it a need for comfort or acceptance? Excitment, bordom, stress, or is your diet through old habits?

Are you on the right track?

The truth is...You will know if you are on the right track. You will feel confident and good with energy. It's okay to slip and eat unhealthy foods, as long as you are putting positive good things in.

Eating healthy is hard when everything claims to be healthy, organic or even GMO-free, but what are you supposed to look for on the label, when they are so confusing, and where can you start? 


-Crunchy Food - Anger 

-Salty Food  - Fear 

-Gluten or Bread - Comfort

-Dairy - Love - Mother's milk 

-Chocoalate- Sensual - romantic drive

-Corn - Success

-Fatty Foods - Shame

-Alcohol - Acceptance

(Hiding true self out of fear) 

-Sugar - Craving excitment





Do you feel as if you can relate to any of these? So many common dietary problems come from our lack of certain emotions and without addressing those emotions we instantly fall back into the same eating habits. The most vital part is not to be hard on yourself.

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