It's one thing to feel sad or lost, but the most frustrating emotion can be feeling nothing at all. If you thought you were alone, you are not. and many people suffer from this problem. Feeling overwhelmed, numb or nothing at all? Try firing up your emotions with these tips.

-Drinking a cup of warm/cold tea outside purposly choosing the opposite temperature. Then take a moment to notice the chills versus the cool relief of ice on a hot summers day. Really notice the temperature between the two.


-Walking around outside while barefoot taking in the smell of the air, as you really notice every rock, blade of grass, sidewalk crack and maybe even listen to hear some birds or crickets in the distance. 


-Try a short break from drugs or alcohol - The dependancy can lower your vibration and dull your emotions.


- Drive aimlessly as you blast your favorite songs. Don't be afraid to sing/scream or just yell along to these songs. Music is extremely healing.


-Sitting down and breathing. Deep breathing. Even get in a pattern. In 1...2...3...Out...1...2...3... and repeat. Notice the cool feeling on your nostrils and the temperature of the warm air as you breathe out.


-Sit in the sun with nothing else to do. Just feel the warmth and the suns rays on your skin.


-Sit under the stars taking the time to notice the vast sky and how big the universe is compared to how small we are. Take a moment feel your heart beat with the admiration that you exist.


-Take a moment right now and think that this small possibility of everything  you have been created, you are a miracle just to be alive.










Imagine your body as a colorless canvas. The key to any colorful masterpiece is time. These things can't be rushed. Take time to paint the colors you want, when you are ready.

It's tough to believe everything has a purpose and will be okay all the time. For those moments when you feel nothing adds up, or for that moment you just want to feel again, start slow. Begin by noticing the little things and how big they make you feel. The most important part is not to be hard on yourself or force the emotions and allow them to come naturally.


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