Release Karma

The best way to go through life is by going with the flow and learning to recognize the karma by becoming aware of other's intentions towards you and recognize your relationship with others. Ask yourself are the actions immoral or wrong? If not, consider if it's a negative thought and try to replace it with a positive one. The bad experiences will strengthen you, and once you recognize old karma, the constant healing will eventually become natural, allowing you to create present "good" karma in the moment. The most important thing you can do is focus on yourself and live the best life you are given.

The word karma stems from the root "kri", meaning to act. The word karma doesn't have anything to do with our thoughts (unless you act upon them). There are two types of karma past and present lifetime. 

Past karma is believed to have been created in past lives. It is highly possible for past karma to be present in our current life. The actions in your past create who you are today. Past karma cannot be avoided or changed. It is divine timing and will happen at some point or another, and the only way to release this karma is through exaustion of experience. Until we figure out the karma and learn our lessons for previous actions, we must go through a series of steps until we are ready to move forward.


Present karma is the karma we currently create. In this present lifetime all of our current actions not only build our current selves up, but create our future. This karma can be instant, but it can also carry over into your future or next lifetime. Each current action plays a role in your next life.


Reguardless past life or current karma the trick is to understanding what is good and bad karma. 


Good karma is the easy kind of karma. When you help someone in their life, even something as simple as company or a chore this creates good karma. Just like helping others, when you follow your life purpose, this also creates good karma.

Bad karma is a little trickier. When you block someone from fufilling their purpose this creates negative energy.

For example, if you knew someone would get a promotion and you sabbotaged it. The bad part about that is if this position was their path and you blocked them from reaching this, eventually the universe would find a way to give this to them, but you now have baggage from negative karma of another. If this scenario continued throughout your lifetime with the same person the baggage would continue to build, you may see them in your next life. 

This often happens with bosses, family members and even parents. Karma begins when someone stands in your life path, or you stand in someone else's, and many times when you take a step out of someone's life and allow them to make choices it releases the negative focus of energy known as bad karma.



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