Karma, Soulmate or Twin Flame Contracts...

What to do?

When you’re in a relationship the number one burning question will always come to mind...Is this the one?

We are all created, born on this planet and although our choices are fully free will, the relationships in our lives are predestined. The relationships that come in our life exist to help us grow, but spotting the different types of relationships can determine the purpose and find the one faster.

Karma RelationshipsMany times these relationships will be through a family member or a relationship where children are involved, generally, in this type of relationship, you will feel beholden or bound to another, whether it is social norms or emotions that keep you together it will feel heavy. This is believed to be because of unresolved issues from previous lives.

The beginning of a karmic relationship can be hard to determine because during the honeymoon phase the relationship can seem blissful, even fated. You will find that you love this person and share a strong connection and bond with them.

With karmic relationships, it is common that the relationship will seem to contradict. You will feel a heavy bond with this person, but find that they can be tough to deal with and you will begin to notice a few red flags. 

In some way, this relationship others may point out that this relationship is physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive. You may feel at one point their flaws like “chewing with their mouth open” begins to really bother you. If they seem to put you down with negative comments, whether they realize it or not.

Fixing a karmic relationship will take will power and more than likely sacrificing your own personal beliefs if you want to stay, but the point in a karmic relationship is not to stay for twenty years of sacrifice. Our point is to grow and realize our self worth so the universe sends you a partner that will match your level of love and respect.

When a karmic is present they are contacted to help you see your worth and the best in yourself, but soul mates are here to show you a new side to yourself. 


Soulmates contracts vary in duration, They don’t necessarily have to be romantic, but the very nature of them is to introduce you to a side of yourself you never knew. A soulmate contract comes into place when two people are looking for the same thing. You will quickly notice this relationship is mutual respect, and it’s as if you have known them before.

We are not bound to one soulmate. You may even find multiple during your lifetime. When you encounter a soulmate you might feel that this partner fully completes you. They seem to get you on every level and you will feel blissful true love.

The problem arises when this soulmate awakens your soul growth, and although that is the point, this usually awakens you to some new better side of yourself. 

This is when your soulmates tend to start rubbing you the wrong way. It will feel like they agitate you, or are constantly on you (like a mother). This person has likely caused the greatest pain in your life by far, knocking down emotional walls that seem to take you your whole life to build. 

Soul mates are not necessarily full-life contracts, for example, in the movies with happily ever after. Many people find their ex-girlfriend or ex-husband or even parents to be their contracted lifetime soul mate, yet that’s not to say you will not spend a lifetime with a soulmate. That will just depend on if you both continue to want the same things.

That is the beauty of free will, but one thing to keep in mind with soul mates is they don’t have to fit into your current lifestyle, and they were not created to protect or heal your soul in this lifetime, they are meant to awaken a new part of you. They are put in your path to show you another side of yourself and help your soul through growth on its journey to discover a stronger version of yourself. 

Twin Flame / Twin Soul

The more rare type of contract with relationships is twin flames. Twin flames supposedly are two halves of the same soul. When they first meet, it will feel the same as a karmic or a soulmate, almost a love at first sight feeling, yet it will quickly turn into a game of    tug-o-war. One soul will be keener to develop, known as the ‘chaser’. While the other soul doesn’t want to deal with the relationship as it deals too much with deep-seated wounds, known as the ‘runner’ but they will feel an unexplainable bond together. 

This back a fourth game will continue until each soul has addressed their emotional issues. This contract is told to be the most fulfilling contract, yet will come at the most inconvenient time. The one true way to determine a twin flame relationship is the ever-changing dynamic between the two people. The relationship feels like a constant push-pull to better each other. 

Push Relationship

The final relationship contract I will mention is a push contract. These contracts are extremely brief, yet life-altering. Often times these are the quick breath-taking affairs or high school sweetheart you reminisce about, yet they are only temporary. They usually come when you need them most to give you a ‘push’. Of course, the push would be irresistible enough to make such an impact. This allows both souls to change their own trajectory, sending them down the right path. These relationships only last between 1-3 years.


Common Elements to Identify the Types of Karma Relationships

~ There is an instant connection.

~ There is drama.

~ There can be a ups and downs or miscommunication.

~ A constant instablitiy always underlys the relationship.

~ They make you feel frustrated, belittled, or misunderstood, which can make them seem unplesent to be around.

~ There can be an underlying feeling like you can't let go, generally caused by codependancy or addiction. 

~ They may bring out the worst in you through repetition, highlighting your fears causing you to feel exhausted. 

Soulmate Relationship

~ Your both best friends and will seem to 'get' each other on another level.

~ Soulmates hold very high respect towards one another.

~ You may find you have the same sense of humor or dreams

~ Your on the same page when it counts.

~ You have never felt more alive in life, yet feel safe around them.

~ You feel deep empathy and forgiveness comes easily.

~ There may be a feeling of love at first sight or you may continue to bump into this person as if it is 'fated'.

Twin Flame Relationship

~ Twins will arrive when you least expect it or when you don't want it.

~ Generally when a twin shows up in your life it's about to drastically change or recently has.

~ There will feel like a constant push/pull in the relationship.

~ They understand dark hidden parts of yourself that others may not.

~ Feeling safe and natural to be authentic self.

~ Intense magnetic attraction

~ No matter how many times you fight, you always forgive each other completely

~ You will notice uncanny coincidences with dates or numbers, especially eleven.

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