How does this story relate to the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is to attract those who have intrest and likes similar to yours.

The law of attraction is a simple way of saying you attract what you do. and in this story Mia knew nothing was going to stop her from creating this beautiful work of art and the universe supported her idea by attracting the right people.

This is the same way you can use the law of attraction to better your life. When you want something, a new house, a new job, a new friend, the moment you go looking for it you will find exactly what you are looking for. It may not be in the way you expect, or it may take a little longer than you had hoped, but the moment you begin working towards what you want, the universe will send you the energy to support your idea.   

A beautiful short story


           that helps each reader 


                       understand the


                            law of attraction.

There once was a women name Mia who had a brillant art idea.

"I will use red paint, paint my hand, and create a heart on this oversized paper."

She spoke to herself. So she went to the cupboard, grabbed the paint andpainted her hand. It became very obvious that Mia couldn't create a heart on a paper with only one hand, the white empy sheet was much too large. The door bell rang and Mia, with her red hand, ran to the door to greet her friend Emma. 

"Emma will you help me paint your hand and create this beautiful piece of art." Emma was more than willing to help, but by the time they painted both hands they realized they would need many more hands to fill the paper. 

The door bell rang again, and Mia's neighbor Jill stopped by with her mother. Mia didn't hesitate to ask.

"Jill will you and your mother help out with my art project?" Happy to assist they walked over and painted their hands laughing along the way. 

"Wouldn't this be cool on a big scale?" Emma blurted out. Everyone agreed, but they didn't have enough hands. Between an afternoon of calling they found the perfect group to create the perfect project.

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