When we talk about cycles it’s simple to think of a caterpillar that creates a cocoon and becomes a butterfly. It’s just as simple when we think about our 9-5 work schedule. You wake up to handle the typical work week and go home to recover on the weekend. It might not sound as graceful as a butterfly, but that’s the beauty of cycles. You create them.

The difficult part can become when we lose the purpose in our cycle, or we stop following our beliefs becoming swept up in mundane life or someone else’s cycle.

We can feel stuck like we have no way out of this crazy circle, but the truth is taking control over the cycles in your life help give you a better understanding of the future and where you are headed. 


If you feel suspended in your life, grinding your gears, and getting nowhere it’s probably because you have put yourself in a similar situation. Think about the types of people and jobs you surround yourself with. 

Have you ever made minimum wage as a waiter? Or worked questionable hours during the retail holiday? Or made nothing as an intern, even though deep down inside you know you work harder than anyone else in the building. At some point you realize your energy is not worth the money,

so you quit.

The universe will always send you another job

if you go looking,

but the most common mistake

with changing a cycle

is that

you must be willing to change your mindset,

to fix the problem.

If you apply to the same industry in serving,

or generic retail,

or even a no-pay internship.

At first, it will seem new and nice,

yet soon you will feel as if the same problems

with energy and money come up. 


The same cycles happen in relationships. Commonly, the same few problems will continue to come up about the connection or financial issues. If you find you argue with your significant other about the same one to three problems, those are cycles, and until the problem has been removed the same problems will arise.


Yet, with these cycles in a relationship if you find you continue to argue about finances, and the point is not necessarily to make more money, but to acknowledge the cycle problems and create changes.


Cycles don’t even have to become completely broken or reset. Many times couples with money issues just need balance, for example, the man handles the money while his wife works. Sounds different right? But in order to change the parts of the cycle you’re unhappy with, you must be willing to change your thoughts and think outside of the box.

You cannot fix a problem with the same mindset that created it. 

 So whether it’s a job or relationship, first decide what needs to change to create a cycle to better fulfill your needs. It never hurts to apply or start something outside of your usual elements. You may find  that balance is easier than you thought or even find a hidden talent you had all along.

Life Cycles

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